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[1119] Data Scientist

Data Scientist, English, R, Python, etc.

Salary: VND 20.000.000 - VND 50.000.000
Type: Full-time

Ho Chi Minh (Quận 1)

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  • Participate into projects in Vietnam, particularly focus on data areas such as developing risk models, customer analytic models, etc.
  • Support data engineering on data-related projects
Key responsibilities:

  • Able to analyse the large dataset to generate the insights
  • Develop different data models and analytical algorithms based on data
  • Develop process to manage model risks


  • Have experience of Data Scientists
  • Coding knowledge and experience with programming languages such as R, Python, etc.
  • Experience with query languages such as SQL server, MySQL, etc.
  • Experience with cloud data analytics platform such as Google Analytics
  • Experience with distributed data/computing tools: Map/Reduce, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Gurobi, MySQL, etc.

  • Knowledge and experience in statistical and data mining techniques: GLM/Regression, Random Forest, Boosting, Trees, text mining, social network analysis, etc.
  • Experience creating and using advanced machine learning algorithms and statistics: regression, simulation, scenario analysis, modeling, clustering, decision trees, neural networks, etc.
  • Strong communication and project management skills
  • Understanding banking process is plus


VND 20.000.000 - VND 50.000.000


Ho Chi Minh
Quận 1

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