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[1141] Director Of Engineering

Director of Engineering, management,...

Salary: VND 100 triệu - 150 triệu
Type: Full-time

Ho Chi Minh (Tan Binh Dist.)

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  • (General) Responsible for the management, growth, and scaling of Aduro’s VN Development teams including:
    - Managing team size, composition, and structure to deliver on the responsibilities to the Engineering teams
    - Providing staffing guidance and team growth plans to the the management
    - Attracting and retaining a highly skilled team
    - Growth and development of a “next level” management team
    - Ensuring the growth and development each of the team members and functions for which they are responsible
    - Proving mentorship and leadership to the development teams
  • (Architecture) Collaborate with engineering leadership to develop and apply engineering best practices
  • (Architecture) Responsible for working with Prod IT Ops to identify and manage operational issues and collaboration with engineering teams to address technical debt and technical investments
  • (Architecture) Responsible for various aspects of NFR (Non-Functional Requirement) capabilities such as scalability, performance, high
  • availability, reliability, manageability, and operability
  • (Architecture) Responsible for ensuring visibility into operational and user experience issues to guide engineering teams on areas of focus for improvement
  • (Dev Ops) Collaborate and partner with DevOps team to manage all Aduro’s non-production environments
  • (Architecture and Dev Ops) Responsible for the stability and availability of Aduro’s non-production environments
  • (Dev Ops) Responsible for working with the Engineering leadership, Finance team, and engineering teams on cost management, forecasting, and budgeting for non-production environments
  • (Architecture) Participate in cost optimization of Aduro’s deployed systems and technologies through efficient architecture and design
  • (Dev Ops) Participate in managing and Aduro’s CI/CD and code pipelines to ensuring timely deployments to non-production environments
  • (Dev Ops) Responsible for managing and supporting Aduro’s CISO, CTO, and engineering teams through managing and maintain static analysis tools to assist with:
    - Security scanning for vulnerabilities
    - Scanning for “code smells”
    - Scanning for dependency analysis, particularly for third-party and open-source libraries
    - Complexity analysis and management
  • (Dev Ops) Responsible for managing Aduro’s third-party dependencies, licensing, and EOL (End of Life) with a particular focus on use of open-source libraries and IP risk management
  • (Architecture and Dev Ops) Responsible for working with the CTO, ITOps, and Engineering team on branching strategy, container and orchestration strategy
  • (Architecture) Responsible for designing and architecting Aduro’s external and partner APIs and partnering with Aduro’s engineering teams for implementation
  • (Architecture) Responsible for supporting Aduro’s CISO and security team in providing training to Aduro’s engineering teams around security best practices and top security issues in engineering
  • (Architecture) Responsible for the security of system and technologies delivered by Aduro’s engineering teams
  • (Dev Ops) Responsible for the security of and securing of Aduro’s non-production environments.


  • Required: 10+ years of experience as a Director of Technology for a medium/large sized team or CTO for a small organization or teamwith a demonstrable history within the role
  • Required: 10+ years of experience in technology architectural roles or management of technical architecture teams
  • Required: 10+ years in technology leadership roles and experience providing leadership to a medium to large technology organization
  • Required: 15+ years of experience working in technology
  • Required: Experience launching and supporting commercial SaaS systems and platforms
  • Required: Experience building, developing, and scaling technology teams


VND 100 triệu - 150 triệu


Ho Chi Minh
Tan Binh Dist.

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